Recommendations about cava

To enjoy cava you do not need to be an expert. However, to enjoy a great bottle of cava you have to take into account several small details that can make this experience a complete success.

Choosing the right sweetness:

Extra Brut: Up to 6 g. of sugar per litre.

Brut: Up to 12 g.

Extra Dry: between 12 and 17 g. of sugar.

Dry: between 17 and 32 g. of sugar.

Semi Dry: between 32 and 50 g.

Sweet: over 50 g. of sugar per litre.

Rest. If you have carried the bottle in a long trip make sure it has time to rest, ideally 48 hours before you open it. Wine is sensitive to movements.

Food pairing. Cava can be served with appetizers, accompanying the whole meal or just with the dessert. Take into account the advise of the wine specialist, some cavas are excellent paired with risottos, fish or sweets. But rosé cavas can also pair very good with pates, meat-filled pastries and cheese.

Temperature is key. Cava needs to be served between 5 – 8 degrees. The freezer should be avoided as a sudden change in temperature can impair the properties of such a carefully produced product.

The glassWe should choose a fine, transparent glass, tulip or flute shaped, avoiding wide glasses which allow the aromas to be released too quickly.

ServingCava is a delicate wine which should be uncorked gently, to avoid any loss of wine and froth. To service, hold the bottle slightly tilted, letting the liquid slide down the wall of the glass, which should never be filled more than 2/3 to prevent the wine from losing its ideal temperature.


dinner with cava