Choose cava these holidays

With Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve approaching, we always like to remind everybody of few suggestions to taste, serve and enjoy a good bottle of cava.

Cava is a bubbly wine and therefore, it should always be served between 5 – 8 degrees. The younger the wine is, the cooler it should be tasted. Moreover, a good glass with a flute shape is the best option to drink cava, and that’s because this shape will retain the aromas longer and that will enhance the overall experience. When possible, the glass should never be filled more than 2/3 in order to keep it cool.

Wondering about pairing with your special menu? We have a few suggestions as well. For those who are serving appetizers, a Brut Nature would be perfect. Are you thinking about cooking seafood? That is a fantastic choice for Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve and that would be wonderfully paired with a cava Brut or Brut Reserva. Cooking a traditional nice steak or filled meat instead? Your best choice will be a Brut Nature Gran Reserva. Are you still up for a dessert, turron, polvoron or any other typical sweets from your country? Do not forget to open a bottle of cava Semisec or Sweet to go with it. 

And last but not least, to avoid any familiar yearly argument, misunderstanding with your grumpy uncle and to put up with the youngest unstoppable audiences, do remember to drink in moderation!

From the EcoCava team we would like to wish you a very happy holidays!