About us

EcoCava was founded in January 2013 by Laura Franco, an enthusiastic catalan professional living and working in The Netherlands.

My main goal is to expand the cava experience and knowledge throughout The Netherlands. Letting the Dutch people enjoy one of the most precious products from Catalonia, the region where I was born and raised.

Not only I import cava, I import the best quality organic and biodynamic cava. This cava comes from vines that are treated with extreme care every day, in most of the cases handpicked during harvest, manually selected by experienced producers and preserved in the best conditions during fermentation. Also, the disgorgement, one of the most delicate moments for the cava, is manually done by family members that inherited these skills.

In this sense, I am always busy with local commercial relationships in The Netherlands and Catalonia. With the help of my sister living in Barcelona and Christian and myself living in the tulips country, we manage to bring the best organic and biodynamic cavas and wines to The Netherlands.